Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current Testing (ET) - Level I

Training Course objective:

This course prepares a candidate to conduct Eddy Current Inspection and

  • Perform specific calibrations
  • Specific NDT
  • Specific evaluations for Accept or Reject Determinations according to written Instructions
  • Recording results
Level I Course outline
  • Types of Discontinuities: Inherent, Processing and Service
  • Casting Discontinuities: Hot Tear, Cold Shut, Porosity, Shrinkage
  • Primary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Rolling, Forging, Drawing, Extruding
  • Secondary Processing Discontinuities including discontinuities in Grinding, Heat Treating, Machining, Welding, Plating
  • Service Discontinuities:- Erosion, Wear, Fatigue, Corrosion, Creep
General Knowledge of et
  • Electrical Parameters
  • Resistance
  • Induction